$1000 Hole-In-One Challenge

Starts 15 April 2024

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“Not  luck, All skill!”

That’s what you need to say when you Ace the 15th Hole at the Bankstown Golf Club as you have your shot at greatness and take the 15th Hole-In-One Challenge!

Whether you’re a member or a social player, you have the chance to win big by hitting an Ace on the 15th hole.

Will you be next to walk away with $1,000 in your pocket and be the envy of your peers!

There is no entry fee and both members and social players can participate – but you need to abide but all the rules – so read them carefully:

The Non-Negotiable Terms and Conditions

1. Taking part is optional. Proof is Essential

2. Open to both Members and Social Players

3. How to Win:

− Select a trust-worthy partner to video your shot. You have one shot at it per round!  No Mulligans.

− The video must be a continuous forward facing stream to the

hole – no cuts or blockages AT ANY POINT.

− If you think you have a Hole-In-One, your partner who is filming your shot

must not stop the filming but record your walk to the hole and film the ball in

the hole.

4. You must immediately call the club

(02) 9773-0628 and say “You would like verification for your Hole-In-One.”

5. We will then come to you and verify the time of the filming and the

full video clip.

6. Sorry, low battery or other mechanical failures with your filming device

is not our responsibility.

7. Social Golfers: Need to Tee Up from the Whites as a minimum.

Instructional Video on How To Film Your Shot!
Remember, if you are in a group, nominate one phone to film all shots.