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Whilst having a current Bankstown Golf Club member act as a Proposer or Seconder to your application is preferred, it is not compulsory. Please note, applicants without a Proposer or previous golf club membership cannot be fast tracked and will need to meet with a Committee member prior to your application being approved. Please note: Members listed as Proposers/Seconders will be contacted by the Club once your application is received. Proposers and Seconders must be members as defined in Article 17 of the Clubs Constitution.

Important information

Every applicant for admission to membership as aforesaid shall be in the first instance in the form of an application to provisional membership only [A.A. 16(s)]. Such provisional membership shall (if the member be so elected) to be for such period and subject to such conditions as the Committee shall from time to time prescribe. No such provisional member shall become a member unless and until such provisional membership shall be confirmed. N.B. Every applicant for membership is under the memorandum of constitution of Bankstown Golf Club. Please note that in making application for membership of Bankstown Golf Club, you acknowledge and accept that you will be subject to the Australian Handicap System and your handicap may be reviewed in the absolute discretion of the General Committee/Board on the basis of any cards returned in any competition. By making application to the Club you also expressly acknowledge and agree that you will have no right to make any representations to the handicapper before any decision is made to review your handicap and that there shall be no appeal whatsoever from any decision of the General Committee/Board in relations to the review of your handicap.
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