Local Rules

Bankstown Golf Club Local Rules

(to be read in conjunction with the Rules of Golf)

Suspension of play procedure

  1. Out of bounds
    1. Those areas beyond the course boundary fences.
    2. Beyond any line of white stakes with black tops.
  2. Abnormal Course Conditions
    1. Those areas, the margin of which are defined by white stakes and/or white lines or by GUR signage. Note: Stakes defining GUR are immovable obstructions.
    2. Except in penalty areas, clearly defined wheel ruts made by a mower, tractor or other vehicles and machinery.
    3. embedded ball through the general playing area.
  3. Ground Under Repair (play prohibited)
    1. All formally edged garden (including those surrounding irrigation control boxes) or garden beds that have a white stake inserted into them are to be treated as ground under repair from which play is prohibited, if such condition interferes with the players stance or area of intended swing, the player MUST take relief as provided in Rule 16 (i) Note: all other areas covered with wood chips are integral parts of the course unless specifically marked as GUR. The woodchips are loose impediments.
  4. Penalty Areas
    1. Water hazards are defined by yellow stakes, lines and/or blocks.
    2. Lateral water hazards are defined by red stakes, lines and/or blocks.
      Note: these stakes are immovable obstructions.
  5. Staked trees and shrubs
    If a staked tree or shrub interferes with the player’s stance or area of intended swing, the ball MUST be lifted without penalty and dropped in accordance with the procedure prescribed in Rule 16-1b (i) (immovable obstruction). Note: the stakes and tree guards are immovable obstructions.
  6. Integral Objects
    Artificially surfaced or formed roads and paths (includes gravel) are immovable obstructions. All other tracks and paths that are not predominately surfaced are integral parts of the course from which the ball must be played as it lies or declared unplayable.
  7. Immovable Obstructions close to Putting Greens
    Sprinkler heads on the apron of the green or within two club lengths of the putting green are to be classed as ‘an immovable obstruction’.
    This means relief may be taken under rule 16.1. A player also has the option to take relief when such immovable obstruction is close to putting green or the line of play.
    Ball in General Area: A player may take a relief under Rule 16.1b if an immovable obstruction is:

    • On the line of play, and is:
    • Within two club-lengths of the putting green, and
    • Within two club-lengths of the ball
      Exception – No relief if line of play chosen by a player is clearly unreasonable.


Match play: loss of hole
Stroke play: two strokes


  1. Temporary local rules will be on display on the notice boards adjacent to the putting green.
  2. Players are requested to carry a sand bucket at all times.
  3. Please repair all divots and pitch marks.
  4. Pace of play: It is expected that a round of golf can be completed in 4 hours 15 minutes including a five-minute stoppage for something to eat.