May 2019

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Winter is upon us and because the course has held up very well in the last six months we go into the winter period in a strong position. David has presented the course to his usual high standard. The greenkeeping team have been able to deliver some consistent turf surfaces over the past few months, especially the greens.


Members may have noticed due to some very trying conditions in the last few months there was some damage to a couple of our greens. Over the past weeks the team have focused on replacing the core trial areas on the 8th & 11th greens with turf. Unfortunately, due to golfer traffic these areas did not perform as well as we would have liked. We are hoping the turf establishes quickly and these areas are back in play shortly. The front of the 11th green has always caused us problems, so the decision was taken to rip up about a metre of the front green and to lower the edge. Take up the rough and reshape the front so the water runs off into the dam.


You may have also noticed turf been removed from the 11th fairway. This will be used to returf areas throughout the course. The plan is to continue to remove turf from this fairway and use it in some bare areas in the light rough like the LHS rough coming up the 9th fairway. We are also laying turf between some greens and bunkers 4th & 15th greens. We needed to widen these areas as the machinery was wearing out these edges of the green. 


These areas should establish quickly and will only be GUR for a short period of time. Where the turf is taken off the 11th fairway a drop zone is in place just in front of the 11th dam.




The greens team are also in the process of replacing the sand in our newer bunkers. The new bunkers will be filled with new sand and the sand taken out will be placed in our older bunkers. Members will notice a vast improvement in our older bunkers.




The winter program of removing dead trees and smaller trees which are of no benefit to the golf course has started. The main areas we are concentrating on are trees around some greens and trees along any fairways where we get northern shade. We have a high infestation of winter disease (Fusarium) throughout the fairways. This infestation is very common. We have sprayed the fairways to help minimise the damage. This disease is extremely difficult to control as our fairways predominately run east to west. Large trees within our roughs cast shade over the fairways which enhances the disease developing.

A very big thank you to the volunteers. Chris Hickey, Michael Keeble, Steve Noble & Nick Wilson. If anyone would like to come out and do some volunteer work mainly every Tuesday please contact me on 0436333585. There is always plenty of work to be done around the course.




Members would notice the new red machinery around the course lately. The new Toro machinery has arrived and is a welcomed addition as the older units were starting to show signs wear and tear. Apart from having a great greens team another reason why the course is in excellent condition is because David Somerville has some of the best equipment at BGC.


We have trialled a new type of material on the 5th green pathway. It seems to be holding up, so we are going to resurface other pathways such as the 7th & 13th tees.

Install additional irrigation lines across the 18th fairway to assist with improving pressure to the 10th/ 11th holes

Install drainage outlet inside of Jack’s garden (3rd hole) to allow water to gravity feed out of the garden after heavy rain. Currently staff are required to use our large water pump for this purpose which can be very time consuming.


Chairman of greens committee

Vince Cantore


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